[EUROOPA NOORED] §ppevisiit "Democracy and participation" Austrias


Edastame partnerotsingu, kus otsitakse osalejaid rahvusvahelisele §ppevisiidile "Democracy and participation" Austrias:

From 8th to 12th October 2008 the Division of Youth of the Office of the Government of Upper Austria untertakes a EU project with the title "Democracy and Participation" Main points of this project are visits of institutions, initiatives and organsiations which deal with that youth affairs, for example in the communities of Eferding, Gmunden or Perg. Out of the reason that Linz will be "Culture Capital of Europe" in 2009 we examine the efforts of young people's particpation during that period. Accommodation, meals and transporta in Upper Austria are free. We take over 70% of the travel cost to Upper Astria, too.

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