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About NoorTV

NoorTV is the only youth Internet–TV in Narva. The project startedin October 2010. The most important distinctive feature of youth TV is that it is created for Internet-users. As society is becoming more and more innovative, the television with its traditional broadcast is losing popularity. Internet, on the other hand, offers basically everything you might need. Everyone uses it, and it is so hugely popular exactly for this reason – we use it to show our work and creativity.

Youth TV started thanks to the project “Attention! Youths are speaking!” created by Evgeni Semchishin, a specialist of Narva Youth Centre. The aim of the project was to launch a series of programmes created by young people for young people. The project made it possible for the active and goal-oriented young people to realize their creative abilities, acquire new skills, spend their free time wisely and gain some experience and knowledge in the area of TV journalism.

In Narva, where there are plenty of active and talented kids with loads of ideas, everyone can join the Noor TV crew. Even if you just have an idea you have always wanted to realize but never had a chance, our team is there to help you make your dream come true.

You can learn how to use a videocamera, take excellent pictures, interview people, make reports, and experience being a TV presenter. Besides, you will be taught how to edit videos and make different videoclips. How can you miss this opportunity?

The main thing for the authors of our TV episodes is experience. It gets accumulated and gets you moving on. We will be happy to share our experience with everyone wanting to be part of our Noor TV team. We are open to new ideas, contacts, partners, joint projects and new members of the team!

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