Café-club Exit

Youth Café-club Exit was established in Narva Youth Center with the purpose of carrying out open youth work. The various events organized in the café-club have one thing in common – they reflect different demands and interests as well as life-style of the young people.

Together with Narva Youth center specialist club goes write projects which they carry out themselves. All projects involve youngsters just like the project-writers themselves and have one general purpose – to make life outside school more useful and interesting for young people in the city.

Youth café-club Exit has excellent ties with open youth centers of Ida-Viru county, which have been created through common projects, event and activities.

Today any youngster may come here and spend their time doing something useful. The café-club has everything one might need for a meaningful time-spending: board games, a Wii console, a TV-set, a karaoke, and a selection of interesting books of contemporary authors.

Events, contests and competitions are held here on a regular basis. If you and your friends have an idea or two for a smashing event that you want to organize, we can offer the premises of the café-club for that. All you need is to reserve Exit for a certain date. Events for the whole class can also be set up here.

Youth café-club Exit is open to everyone wishing to play, draw, sing, dance, socialize, realize own ideas, and participate in fun activities. For further information please contact Juliana Khrushkova at