Information Center

Youth Information and Counseling Center is a part of Youth Center responsible for gathering, processing and distributing of youth-related information. The Center also coordinates informing, councelling and research and acts on the basis of youth work principles (Youth Policy and Youth Work Strategy for 2006-2013)


Information Center is in charge of organization of mass events, most popular of which is the traditional information fair Orientiir, as well as seminars, and thematic trainings on such topics as volunteering, youth participation, further education, study and work abroad).


The Center also produces printed materials both for the youths and those who work with youths: NiVOO magazine, information leaflets, journals, guidelines, CDs with information on topical issues.


Our Information Center cooperates with Ttukassa (Unemployment Fund), Estonian Rescue Service, County Authorities, local educational organizations (schools and higher educational establishments), and NGOs (AMOR, ESTYES, Living for Tomorrow, etc.)


The Center has a considerable amount of resources among which we can list an information hall, where a visitor might use the Internet for information search and pick up a brochure or information leaflet on relevant issue, two rooms for seminars and trainings, library with methodological literature for those involved in and with youth work, and an information portal catering for the needs of youths not just in Narva but in the entire county.


In its activities the Center uses innovative methods of youth work. A lot of attention is given to youth participation in informing young people (young people for young people). The specialists are constantly keeping abreast with the latest developments in the field through active participation in trainings both in Estonia and beyond, participating in international projects and cooperating with national and international organizations dealing with information services for youths.


Youth Information and Counseling Center is always open for cooperation at the local, European and world-wide levels.